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A powerful digital solution designed to analyze and improve how you recruit

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Hiring new employees can be time consuming and costly

Are you a hospitality employer struggling to find the perfect candidate? Are your job ads not attracting the talent you need?  HWTC’s Job Ad Optimizer will help you enhance your job postings and fill your roles with the talent you desire.

The Job Ad Optimizer is a powerful digital solution designed to analyze and compare the employment terms and conditions listed in your job ads with those of your local competitors who are hiring the same positions in your location.

Leveraging real-time data from the Canada Job Bank, our Job Ad Optimizer offers current insights into your competitiveness as an employer. Enabling you to pinpoint strengths relative to your competition and identify areas for potential improvement in employment terms and conditions.

Job Optimizer can help your business in many ways:

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Job Posting Analysis

The Job Ad Optimizer assesses your job posting in comparison to similar listings in your local area. It will evaluate your competitiveness across factors such as employment terms, compensation, benefits, responsibilities and required qualifications.


Tailored Recommendations

We provide detailed insight into how you can enhance your hospitality job posting including identifying how to help your job ad stand out, attracting the best talent. We also provide you with support to strengthen your job postings including optimal phrasing, content creation and formatting.

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Improved Recruitment & Retention

The Job Ad Optimizer will assist you to refine your job ad in ways that will more effectively attract top talent, helping to decrease recruitment costs and improve retention.

Stand Out in the Crowd:
Boost Your Job Postings with HWTC’s Expert Guidance